Wood Restoration


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Wood Restoration

Homes in Houston often feature wood surfaces around the property—some
businesses do, too. Wood comes in a variety of colors and grains. Wood can look elegant and be quite functional. Wood also can get discolored from the bright but harsh Texas summer sun, and get dirt ground into it by foot traffic and general recreational use. Genn USA pressure Washing Services knows about wood. One of our specialties is wood restoration.

Wood is commonly used in doors, decks, porches, swimming pool decks, gazebos and fencing. Where wood gets periodically wet, algae can easily develop. Algae can harm wood, and when it makes wood slippery, it can cause a safety hazard in the form of falls. When wood gets a lot of recreational use, it can easily develop discoloration, and foot traffic can grind sand and grit into a wood surface. We use our soft wash cleaning method on wood surface. Combined with appropriate wood cleaners that penetrate into wood surfaces, we get wood clean. Low pressure with hot rinse cleans while being less harmful than high pressure washing. High pressure washing can damage wood surfaces, cause splits and loosen boards.

Our 3 step method of using appropriate cleaners, low pressure and a neutralizing detergent gets wood clean and restores its natural color.  We then ready the surface for staining and sealing. This whole process brightens wood surfaces and protects them. They look better and they function better. They’re also safer, with no high pressure damage that produces splinters, or provides a toehold for slippery algae. We are also very careful to use only environmentally safe cleaners.

When servicing a door, the process changes slightly. We will remove the door from the frame, apply a temporary zip-up tarp. Then we will remove the original paint finish, and restore the original veneer. We then apply the new stain and  seal it with a clear coating that will last for many years to come.

There’s not a lot of wood used in commercial settings, but outside wood decks in restaurants and bars, and wood used as decoration have the same issues as wood used around homes: looks, safety, and preservation.

We offer wood restoration services to the entire Houston area. As we do with all of our services, Genn-USA offers free estimates and a 100%
customer satisfaction guarantee.

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