Roof Cleaning


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Roof Cleaning

One of our specialties is roof cleaning. Genn-USA Pressure Washing Services cleans residential and commercial roofs in the Houston metro area.

No two roofs are exactly alike. They differ in slope, the roofing material used, the age of the roof, how well it was installed, and are affected by things like the prevailing wind direction and the distance from trees. Roofs can accumulate dust, pollen, debris and in Houston’s humid climate, easily acquire infestations of algae, mildew and mold.

We use a soft washing process, which uses cleaners that target dirt, algae and mold, and uses lower pressure. Traditional high pressure washing does get things clean, but can easily damage many kinds of roofing, such as tile or asphalt shingles. Our chemical cleaners are environmentally safe, and our process helps avoid any damage to your lawn and landscaping.

Roofs on commercial buildings don’t usually have much of a slope, but they can readily accumulate dirt and debris, particularly after storms. They can be infested with pigeons or other bird life. We clean roofing surfaces such as metal or asphalt, removing dirt and any accumulation of debris. Just as in residential roofs, regular cleaning adds to the life span of a roof and maintains its protective function. No roof lasts forever, but regular cleaning can add several years of effectiveness.

Cleaning roofs has another benefit. Our employees know roofs and roofing materials well, this means we know how to get them the cleanest. That also means we can spot problem areas that need attention before problems emerge as serious. The last thing a business needs is a leak in a roof spoiling inventory or interrupting business processes.

Regular cleaning of your roof makes it look better, and actually helps roofs last longer. Cleaning is a good investment, and Genn-USA is really good at cleaning roofs. We offer free estimates and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Give us a call about your Houston roof cleaning project.

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