Gutter Cleaning, Debris Removal, Pipe Jetting


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Gutter Cleaning, Debris Removal, Pipe Jetting

Genn-USA Pressure Cleaning Services offers gutter cleaning, pipe jetting and debris cleanup in the Houston area. Gutter systems in Houston get it all, pollen, leaves, twigs, wind-blown debris, and plenty of rain water. Vertical drain pipes conduct water from the gutters to the ground, and it’s easy for them to have blockages that are hidden, but can cause the drain pipe to fail. Cleaning residential and business structure gutter systems is one of Genn-USA’s specialties.

All gutters need periodic inspection and cleaning, even the ones with leaf guards. They can be blocked up by debris accumulated from material washed into the gutters by rain, particularly twigs and leaves. Gutter blocks can weigh enough to cause sagging in a gutter, which disrupts water flow and may cause damage to the building structure or foundation. Periodic professional cleaning of your gutter system the best way to avoid these problems. Pipe jetting is a process of cleaning outflow pipes from a residence or business. It uses a high-pressure hot water jet threaded into the line that washes away grease, fats and other forms of blockage in a pipe. It’s usually much more effective than using a snake, and it does not damage the interior of a pipe the way a snake can.

Pipe jetting is particularly useful for businesses, where restroom, kitchen and other outflows may get heavy use. Having a sewer clog is bad enough for a home, but having a restroom out of commission may bother customers and even violate local ordinances dictating restroom availability. Genn-USA is experienced at pipe jetting.

Debris can build up almost anywhere on or around a residential or commercial building. Houston’s frequent summer thunderstorms can result in a lot of limbs, twigs, leaves and just plain trash being blown onto your landscaping, walkways, drives and into other spaces.

Genn-USA provides all these services. We’ll do them to your complete satisfaction. We have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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